Fiscal Responsibility and Taxpayer Protection

As a businesswoman, I understand how to balance budgets and live within means. I will take my experience in the private sector and apply it to protecting taxpayers and ensuring the Cosumnes Community Services District operates in a fiscally responsible and taxpayer conscious way. I will vigilantly seek out opportunities to cut waste and ensure every dime we spend is appropriately, efficiently, and effectively utilized. With families already feeling the crunch of a high cost of living and high tax burden, I will oppose efforts to increase taxes and fees on families struggling to get by.

Public Safety and Fire Preparedness

One of the key responsibilities of the Cosumnes Community Services District is the administration and oversight of our local fire department. Families and businesses across our region rely on the Cosumnes Fire Department for rapid and quality fire protection and EMS services. As your CSD director, I will fight to ensure the Fire Department has the resources, staffing, equipment needed to maintain the high quality of service our residents have come to respect and appreciate. We will thoughtfully and strategically plan for future growth in the region that keeps response times low.

Parks and Recreation

One of the other key services provided by the Cosumnes Community Services District is managing the over 90 parks and 500 recreation programs to families to keep them active and able to enjoy the outdoors. Our region has some fantastic parks and open space that need to be protected and preserved. On the CSD board, I will be an advocate for maintaining, strengthening, and expanding our parks and recreation services for our community.