Angela Spease

I grew up right in Elk Grove – it is where my husband and I decided to settle down, raise a family and start and grow our business.

I am running for the Cosumnes Community Services District to ensure that Elk Grove continues to be where you can safely and securely raise a family, start a business, and thrive.

As a small businesswoman and owner of a cybersecurity and information security firm, I have extensive experience with balancing a budget and spending within my means. When you rely on your business to put food on the table, there is no room for waste and inefficiency. I will be an advocate for taxpayers on the CSD Board.

While I am proud of the work my husband and I have done to grow our business, my real passion in life will always lie in public service. I am proud of the work I have done throughout the community. Whether it be as a dedicated Rotarian, Asian Resources Community Services Board member, or volunteer for Relay for Life, Runnin’ for Rhett, and the Elk Grove Multicultural Festival, serving others and improving our community will always be a top motivation in my life.

We have a great opportunity to elect someone to the Cosumnes Community Services District who will fight for Elk Grove’s hardworking families. I would be honored to earn your vote.